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All the classrooms in the school are equipped with projectors, screens and touch- panels to facilitate digital learning. The learning set-up incorporates the latest in the field of educational technology which is the best in Ghaziabad. It is such that teachers can access them even from the confines of their home and thus can be available to students at all times in school.


The school has state –of- the- art science and computers labs that provide students an experiential learning of the content they study. The labs are equipped with the required apparatus to cater to the needs of the students. Students get a hands -on experience of scientific processes and can easily develop a scientific temperament.


The library is a place where students and teachers have access to a variety of resource books.It helps to gain new knowledge ,skills and disposition for learning and personal development.The library in Brightland is well-stacked with a variety of books that can easily be issued by students. It helps students to be good readers and life longlearners . The school library is a place for them which provides them something more than just books. It is a place for them to think,create, share and grow.

Beats and Danza

The students explore a wide range of music and dance forms in separate spacious and well- equipped rooms which facilitate their creative, aesthetic and artist nurturing of school children. The rooms are provided with all the necessary equipments needed to awaken their senses to these fields of study


Since time immemorial humanity has expressed its delight through rhythm and dance.As we evolved, so did our dance forms.But, getting lost in the euphoric movements of our ancestors is an experience in itself.Someone has rightly said that, dance is a delicate balance between perfection and duty. It’s also said that dance can reveal all the mystery that music conceals.


The sound of music can be enchanting ,enthralling and giving solace to our souls. It is like a wonderful shower of rain on a barren land and when sung by children, it soul-stirring experience.
Our Director Miss Balvin Khandelwal graces all the occasions and emphasizes on the importance of the appreciating art and music.

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